Vantage point

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Phillum Up

Patrons of this blog must be wondering, what has Gaurav been doing. I'll tell you what i've been doing. I've been watching movies.

- Watched Fida, fortunately on a VCD. The movie is so bad, so bad, that even Kareena Kapoor does not deserve to be in that movie. That's like saying Monalisa Smile is so bad that even Kirsten Dunst does not deserve to be in it. If there is a God, i hope he punishes Ken Ghosh for the movie

- Watched Dhoom, again on VCD. Decentish. Not great, but bearable. It is a landmark film because after decades has Yashraj some out with a movie that does not feature weddings, engagements, punjaaaaaaaaaabi songs, or mothers. Plus the movie is shot in and around my office. I am more obsessed with my office building than....Aadisht is with his section. :P Aadisht is more obsessed with C-section than a child born through a Caesarian operation.

- Watched Kill Bill Vol 2, on big screen, at a later-than-late show (it started at midnight and ended after 2 a.m.) in Inox. The movie rocks, and is different than Vol 1 in terms of treatment as well as narrative. Inox, by the way, is a little too expensive. i wonder if it was a wise business move to open a huge multiplex on such prime land, away from residential localities. E-square is raking in the moolah.

- Watched "Hudd Kar Di Aap Ne" for the umpteenth time. No, I am not a fan of the movie. but the movie has been stalking me for years. I had to watch it because it was being played in the Mumbai-Pune bus. This movie has stalked me in all ways imginable. I know the dialogues and lyrics by heart. Boohoo.