Vantage point

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Population ain't a problem!!!

My basic opinion about population is radically different from mmost of the majority. I DO NOT see population as a problem. I see population as an asset. My thought behind this is as follows

When would population be a problem? When there is a problem of sharing a limited number of resources. Now what woud be these limited resources?

- Food
- Land
- Clothing
- Water

Let us take each of these items one by one

- Food availability is not a problem. The reason millions are starving in India is not scarcity of food. It is because the abundant foodgrains can't be distributed properly that this starvation is happening. The state has taken charge of and is running an inefficient PDS.

- Land is not a problem either. Our population density is still way below places like Japan. We are a huge country, and land is certainly not scarce.

- Clothing is not a problem either. All sort of raw materials for the clothing industry are available in huge numbers. Today clothes are available in every price range, and they are all manufactured in India

- water, is again like food, not scarce. water management is bad. here too, small steps of privatisation will help

The reason people assume population is a problem is because they assume some things to be limited.....whereas those things are not limited. It is just the structure of the Indian economy that makes those things seem limited and scarce -

Jobs - Jobs are not scarce. The state control is what makes them seem scarce. Do one thing. Talk to one panwalla, autorickshawwallah, shopkeeper, small scale industry owner, restaurant owner, bus owner, manufacturing unit owner and a software company owner. Ask all these people what all they had to do to get permission from the state to do business. The only one who did not face too many problems would be a software company guy. is it just a coincidence that software is the only booming sector amongst all these?

Housing - Again, housing is not a problem. The fact is that building a house and renting it are arduous tasks. Again, thanks to the state.

Education - Again, the state has put many hurdled in the process of educating people.

What I am saying may seem wrong, but population is not a problem. Soon i will write about why population is actually a valuable asset.

But basically population is not a problem. It is shackling the population and forcing it to be unproductive that is the main problem.