Vantage point

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The Gallop of Shwaas

It's the stuff movies are made of....very ironic, considering it's all about a movie in the first place.

The gallop of Shwaas in the world of filmdom reminds one of countless movies, both Hindi and Marathi, that narrate the story of the underdog.

This week, Shwaas was announced as India's official entry for the Academy Awards. In many ways, this announcement is a bit like the movie Lagaan. Nope, the script of Shwaas is nothing like the script of Lagaan. however the story of Shwaas, the movie, is like Lagaan.

This movie was made for just 6 million rupees, which would not even account for the catering bill of Hindi movies. It starred people, who despite being splendid actors, were known only to Marathi people. And yet, it has beaten the Amitabh Bachchans and the Rituparno Ghoshes of this world.

The fact that the movie was made, itself is a miracle. The fact that it got a decent release, an even bigger miracle. You can imagine how fantastic the National Award and the decision to send it to Oscars would seem against this background.

The message from the story of Shwaas' success is the same as that of any underdog-triumphs movie. That if you have what it takes, you can beat all odds.

Here's wishing it luck for even more accolades.