Vantage point

Monday, October 04, 2004

DD = DumbDumb

Yesterday I saw a show on Doordarshan's marathi channel which showed me how deeply rooted the leftist mindset has become in India. It really enraged me no end, and I felt amazed at how the guy who was at the receving end of stupidity kept his calm.

The show was a call-in programme with two guests. One was the head of the Mumbai Fire Brigade. The other was a senior person from Topsline, India's first private sector Emergency Response Service.

What disgusted me was how the host and the fire brigade guy ganged up against the Topsline guy as if he were the most despicable human being alive, and Topsline was some kind of mafia.

For the uninitiated, Topsline is a company which is pioneering private Emergency response services in India. Currently operating in Mumbai, the company provides emergency services to its subscribers. The charge is 100 rupees per month for a family.

Once you subscribe to it, they guarantee you prompt response for emergencies like accident, medical emergency, or physical assault.

Now I am not saying that i whole-heartedly endorse the viability of this idea. I see several hitches, though by and large I encourage this innovative experiment of a libertarian nature.

What irritated me was the illogical way in which the host kept attacking the concept of Topsline. It shows how suspicious many Indians still are about private enterprise.