Vantage point

Monday, November 01, 2004

Talk about hypocrites!!!

A few days back, our esteemed left-of-centre friend from IIMK, Sathish left a comment on my blog which said -

Its Gaurav's mistake if he chose to work for IBM after getting a subsidized education. His managerial skills would have more valuable to India if he had gotten into Social Entrepreneurship, Infrastructure Management or managing rural youth to produce umbrellas and sell it, for instance.

Now note, that I have no pretences of any socialist leanings. Firstly, I think the idea is unviable economically, politically, morally, as well as patriotically. Secondly I dislike those socialists who will attend a seminar on rural upliftment, only if it is held in a five star hotel.

Then there are genuine socialists whom one disagrees with, but respects. At least they stand by what they believe in. No hypocrisy there. And the good socialists don't go about evangelising and calling everyone names. They just do their work and get on with life.

Which category does our friend Sathish, who just got his entire fees paid by taxpayers, belong to?

You be the judge. One month back, Sathish wrote on his blog -

CSC kicks-off the lateral placements this year, on Oct 18th. And I've applied for it.

Cool. So working for IBM is a mistake after getting a subsidized education, but working for CSC after getting a free education is OK!

Sathish, I have a better career suggestion for you - an ivory tower CPM ideologue to succeed Sitaram Yechury.