Vantage point

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Viru ki Jay!!

Yet another test series goes by with Virender Sehwag scoring a blistering century, along with a half-century.

Sehwag has been on the scene for almost 4 seasons now, and the time is usually enough for the opposition to dissect your game and work on your weak points. As a result most batsmen, who start their careers in style, have a lean patch after 2 or 3 seasons. With Viru, the patch is yet to come.

Why is Viru so consistently successful?

In my opinion, the success has a lot to do with his technique, as I mailed a few of my friends recently. What part of his technique, I will elaborate later.

But meanwhile, I would like the readers of my blog to comment about what they think is the reason behind Sehwag's success.

I will collate those thoughts with my own and present a critique.