Vantage point

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

The North India tour starts on Friday, when I take a train to Delhi. I will be based in Faridabad for 3 weeks when I will be visiting industries all over North India and conducting surveys for L&T.

I have absolutely no idea about the internet access in L&T Faridabad, and I really doubt how frequently I will be able to update my blog. The faithful netcafes are there of course, but the frequency might be a lot less.

I am very happy to get a summer job which will have me travelling. I love to travel and since almost all the places that I will visit are the ones where I have never gone before, I am looking forward to this tour. I will be dilligently carrying a diary which I will hopefully fill up and transfer to the blog whenever I get an opportunity.

I wanted to meet a lot of bloggers but the next two days will be absolutely jam packed with activity since I have to finish a lot of work before I go. I will be missing the Bombay Bloggers Meet obviously. I will be back in Bombay around the third week of May.

Anyway, I don't know when my next update will be or from where. So till then, adios.