Vantage point

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

A movie I absolutely adore is Mel Brooks' "To be or not to be". It is a comedy set in Poland in September 1939, just as the Nazis attack. It is about a theatre troupe which performs a popular act on stage everyday, and how they manage to get some vital secrets out of Poland and into England.

Why is this relevant today, you ask? Well, because as I hear Bush toss about words like "freedom" and "democracy", even as he plans to ruthlessly occupy a sovereign nation like Iraq, I am reminded of Adolf Hitler, who started the Second World War, all the while shouting "Peace for our times..peace, peace, peace."

There was a song in the movie I mentioned earlier, where Brooks is dressed as Hitler and he is upset that the press is calling him a madman, a barbarian, a warmonger, whereas all he wants is peace. Then he breaks into a song which goes something like -

All I want is peace, peace
A piece of Russia, a piece of Belgium
A piece of England, a piece of France
A piece of India, and Pakistan perchance

These may not be the exact lyrics, but the meaning is largely this.

Similarly, George Bush does not want the people of Iraq to be free. As everyone knows, he wants the oil to be free. ;-)

I hope that casualties in the forthcoming war will be minimum and Iraqis will have the strength to endure this freedom.