Vantage point

Monday, March 17, 2003

A few days ago I saw 2 people debating on a discussion board on the net. Nothing wrong with that really, except that they were arguing about whether Christianity better or Islam. On the same board I had once seen a Christianity vs Hinduism debate. I wonder why people view it as a contest or a zero sum game. Can't all religions be right, in their own way? Or even, better, can't all religions be wrong too? I mean, what makes anyone say that "a" religion is THE one, and all others are faulty stuff? To each his own, right? After all, assuming the validity of an afterlife, when we meet Chitragupta, St. Peter, or Allah (depending on our affiliations) on our judgement day, we are going to be accountable for ourselves right? Why this zeal to prove the other wrong, or to show his path as faulty?

Two people arguing about whose religion is better, sounds very much like two people arguing whose appendix is better.

Me? I performed an appendicitis operation on myself many years back. To be precise, this was sometime around 1993. The whole RJB-BM issue, followed by those riots......made me reach for the scalpel.

I would rather debate about brain, muscle, or even heart, than about the appendix.