Vantage point

Saturday, March 15, 2003


I moved yesterday. Yep, I shifted. No no, I didn't quite the PGP course at IIML. I just moved to another room in the same hostel. My earlier room, 1184 had just been "assigned" to me. This time though, I could pick and choose. So I have moved a floor below, to room 1151. This is, according to me, the best room in the hostel.

Our hostel shaped like a square with a tiny portion cut off, for the entrance. The balcony of this room faces the square, which is the hub of all H11 activity, be it one-tip-one-hand cricket or birthday bumps, or hostel parties. In room 84, the balcony faced the open countryside, and was the Khyber Pass for all sorts of insects to come in. The insect problem will be a lot lesser here. However one plus of the earlier balcony was it faced the west, and so offered an amazing view of the sunset. Well, o problems on that front. Because 1151 is such that it does not have a another room across the corridor like others do. There is an opening in the corridor wall, and so it is like a balcony ofsorts. So I still have an amazing view of the sunset, and the vividly amber twillight sky, when I open my door.

One thing I liked about 84 was that it is the double of 42. I know it sounds silly but ever since I read Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the number 42 has been appearing in my life in some form or the other all the time. My roll number was 42 in three years out of four during engineering. I got seats numbered either 21 or 42 about 3 times when I travelled by train during the last year or so. There have been other occasions too when either 42 or its multiples have made an entry in my life when least expected.

When i was assigned 84, I was happy cos it was a multiple of 42. So the first thing I did was consider moving to 42. But it was not really a great room.

So 51 it is. Sorry Douglas Adams. ;-)