Vantage point

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

As I told you, our seniors left last week. However, I ended up gaining quite a lot from their exit. Not only will I get to move into Room 1151 next year (great cross-ventilation, so good during summer, and exposed to sunlight throughout the year, so good during winter...also located such that very few insects come buzzing), but I also got a lot of stuff that some seniors generously ( and conveniently) handed over to me.

These are all the things I have gained -

Four pencils
3 dozen A4 printout sheets
1 packet agarbatti (something I surely won't use, gotta gift 'em to someone more religious)
1 jar Chyawanprash (always hated it, but blame/credit the mess food for the change in my palate, I kinda like licking on spoonfulls of it while I sit in front of the comp)
1 wad of post-it (useful stuff!)
1 packet garlic chutney (may help spice up lunch a bit)
1 spoon
1 steel glass

Not bad, eh?