Vantage point

Friday, March 07, 2003

Read this long 'whin'ding crib by Barry Richards,

A faulty system

Old whine in new bottle if you ask me.

Simple fact -

South Africa played BAD cricket, and lost to NZ and WI, and were let off by rain against Sri Lanka ( yeah let off, cos in my opinion, they couldn't have managed 40 off 30). I don't see why the system is to blame for Kenya going through and SA not going through. SA beat only the minnows. At least Kenya could beat the Lankans comprehensively.

Any system where the pompous, boring and overrated Proteas don't go through will be termed unfair. Well dudes, this time you were the hosts, and it was in your hands to do what you want with the rules. England had a reserve day for all games in 99, so why didn't you?

Cribbing about the DL sheets having tie scores instead of victory targets is stupid. The DL system has always said it will give "equivalent score of the opposite team". Only the South African team is to blame for this elementary mistake.

The 8 teams that didn't make it, are out because they DID NOT deserve to be there. Stress on this more than whether the 6 who made it deserved to be there or not. After all Zimbabwe are in at the expense of England, so the system punished one team that forfeited the match. New Zealand got away because of lack of provision for an extra day. Guess who is to blame for that?

Barry Richards, get over it. South Africa, get over it.