Vantage point

Monday, March 03, 2003

Something very scary has happened. I mean it is not very scary, but for some reason I am scared. The 17th convocation of IIM Lucknow was held yesterday. Our seniors completed their MBA and passed out. Not 'passed out' like "they were so shocked about completing their MBA that they passed out'", but more like "since their education is done, they have passed out of this institute".

What scares me is that without doing anything substantial, we are now the "seniors in IIML", as my friend Pushkar mentioned. This means that we will be giving advice to the 19th batch, we will have to set examples, and in general teach them the ropes about how to survive here.

It feels so weird. I mean most of the times, we ourselves aren't sure what we are doing the right thing or wrong. And very soon, 240 enthu students will be looking up to us for guidance?