Vantage point

Saturday, March 01, 2003

If I were given the permission to kill one cricket commentator, it would be that loudmouthed, arrogant, ignorant, condescending, clueless, puerile, and boooooringly predictable lug who goes by the name Tony Greig.

You know the word he uses the most while on air? "Correction!!!", because he keeps making some faux-paus every few deliveries and then making corrections. All he can do is raise his voice, say "IN COMES THE THROW!" a few times, and take below the belt digs at fellow commentators.

At times I used to think Bill Lawry was the one I hated the most, but no, Bill Lawry is at least a little knowledgable about the game. This Packer Yes-man is not even worth the cost of that stupid hat he wears everywhere.