Vantage point

Saturday, March 01, 2003

The match was amazing entertainment while it lasted, but I had fun watching TV even after the match got over.


I was watching PTV World after the Man of the Match ceremony got over, and man, were the experts there livid!! It was hilarious the way they were criticising literally everything the Pakistani team did. Sarfaraz Nawaz was the stupidest of the lot saying things like -

"Pakistan should have scored at least 350 against this Indian bowling attack on this pitch."

"Picking Afridi was a blunder that Waqar committed, because Indians are such great players of spin bowling, that they were able to take runs off him easily. They should have picked Saqlain instead(!!!!!)."

"Saeed Anwar's century was so slow, that it would have been better if he had scored faster or gotten out earlier, and given others a chance to accelerate."

"Shoaib should not have been taken off the attack after his first over went for 18 runs."

"Mohammad Sami should have been in the team."

Suddenly all those things that Imran Khan says about Sarfaraz came screaming back.

Intikhab Alam seemed livid as well. He lambasted everything from the selection to the batting to the bowling, and even the fielding. The mood in Pakistan does not seem to be pretty right now. When they lost to us in 1992, they ended up winning the Cup, and when they lost in 1999, they did reach the finals. This time though, their continued insipid showing has been capped off with a massacre at the hands of India. They have hit rock bottom.

Watching the smouldering experts on PTV was sooooo much fun. Never thought PTV would be the source of this much entertainment. Our common room was filled with laughter as if some sitcom was going on.