Vantage point

Wednesday, March 05, 2003


If a Punjabi girl became the C-in-C of the army, would she be called Kaur Commander?

If a computer killed someone, would it be hanged?

Do they call it "hard" disk, because it is so damn hard to take it out of that cavity it rests in and put it back again?

How did people living in the B.C. era exactly measure their years? What sort of a calendar was used then? What was the starting year?

Can I kill all the dogs in IIML?

Can someone kill Maneka Gandhi first?

Are there are Somalian or Afghanistani blogs?

Tomorrow if Saddam and every member of the Ba'ath Party dies of natural causes, would USA still attack Iraq?

How much would it cost to have my arm operated on, and have the bones artificially deformed so that I can use it like Murali?

Wearing dark glasses at a it vain...or am I being too judgemental?

Where does the Amar-Nitya story go now...?