Vantage point

Wednesday, March 05, 2003


There are many ideas/people/concepts that I dislike. Yet, surprisingly, I find some of them absolutely fascinating. My interest or rather my curiosity is always heightened whenever I come across anything about them. In fact often, I go out of my way to read about these entities I dislike.

Here are a few of them -

RELIGION - I don't have the conscious memory of ever praying sincerely, or believing that there is some supreme being called God. I find religion to be the cause of most of the ills plaguing humanity today, and in this, I am critical of all religions. But I don't want to talk about the reasons for my lack of faith. What is interesting is that inspite of that, I am fascinated by books about religion. I have not read as many as I like, but as of now, I have read books on Hinduism (obviously), the Koran, Buddhism, Old testament, New testament, and a commentary on Judaism. I would like to read more about Advaita philosophy, since it somehow seems the most refined of all the religious things that I have read.
Despite all this interest, I believe that religion is something that the human race will finally leave behind on the path of evolution.

COMMUNISM/SOCIALISM - Having lived in India, I find leftist or Socialist thought a totally failed ideology. The state in my eyes, should play a minimal role in people's lives, and especially in business. Yet whenever I see an article, essay or a book about communist philosophy or leftist thought, I can't help but read it or at least browse through it.

PAKISTAN - No Indian can seriously claim to like Pakistan. I am no different. And yet, I am extremely curious about that country. I read about 2 or 3 of their newspaper websites very regularly, am part of a forum that serves as a place for debate between Indians and Pakistanis, and I was happy when I stumbled across some Pakistani blogs recently.

HITLER - I find all that he did absolutely reprehensible. And even if your removed the holocaust from his resume, I would still rank him as one of the top 3 villains in history. I find his philosophy flawed and vastly illogical. And yet this is the reason he fascinated me. Germany is not exactly a nation of dumbos is it? In fact most of the scientists in our textbooks are German. And yet, Hitler managed to sell his ideas to that country. In a short period of time, he could get a vast army of men to be fiercely loyal to him. I just love reading about him. Of course, the discussions about Barbarossa and Sea Lion are fun too, though I find the "ifs" and "buts" exercise a bit childish.

INDIAN POLITICS - Yeah it is a dirty dirty place, full of crooks and two timers. But which country's politics isn't? I really wonder how people can not be fascinated by their country's politics? I mean of all the things in a newspaper, politics is what affects our lives the most. Yet, many people dismiss it as "boring " and move on to something as predictably mundane as "lifestyle" or "entertainment". I for one, inspite of my intense dislike for the common Indian politician, am totally hooked on to news and essays about them.

These are a few of my disliked things......but fascinating! =-)