Vantage point

Saturday, March 08, 2003

Max Mosley got it right, I guess. Today's Australian GP, the first F1 race this season, was one of the most exciting races in the past couple of years. The race lead kept changing hands, and finally David Coulthard (hmpf!) took the chequered flag, with Montoya 2nd and Raikkonen third.

I will have to check up the history on some F1 site to see if this is right, but I think that this is the first time in 54 races that there wasn't a Ferrari driver on podium. Yup, 54 races, ain't that something, if it is correct? Shows how much Ferrari has dominated the sport in the recent past.

Today inspite of starting from 1-2, Ferrari came out third best, in terms of team performance.

At a stage, Trulli was leading the race.Then it looked like Schumi would sail through until stuff started coming apart from his car. Then I thought, OK,so Montoya will probably manage not to pull a "South Africa" this time, like he did so many times last year. But pull an SA, he did, spinning and letting DC take the lead.

Great race. Though I am a Ferrari and Schumi fan, it will be nice to see a closely contested F1 season. It looks set to be a three-way battle between Ferrari, Williams and McLaren.