Vantage point

Friday, December 13, 2002

You learn of newer things everyday. Recently I have come to know that there is a device called "blower" which people in Lucknow buy in wholesome quantities. This electrical device apparently keeps your room warm. People are actually making special trips to the city to buy it.

I myself don't feel the need for it yet. Remember I used to crib during the summer about how the location of my room (it is the topmost room on the most extreme corner of our hostel which is the last hostel in the insti) causes the sunlight to beat down on it the whole day and makes my room unbearably hot, and how Sunil's room being opposite mine, but not directly exposed to sunlight is much cooler.

Ahhha, you see where I am going! Now it's winter and the sunlight, feeble though it is, keeps my room a lot warmer(maybe un-colder would be a better word) than most others. So now his room is the unhabitable one and mine is the hot one. There is justice in the world after all. =-)

By the way this cold weather which keeps growing day by day is the second most irritating thing in my life right now. Holding the top rank on the irritants list, for the third consecutive week are those people who notice you bundled up and shivering, blowing hot air on your fingers and say "Arre kya tum log bhi abhi se itne pakced ho, abhi toh Thhand shuru hi kaha hui hai?" ( Why are you people so warmly dressed. Winter hasn't even started yet). I would sock such people in the face, but my fingers are too cold even for that.

Anyway, I think I am gonna postpone the blower-purchase until January, because right now, I think the warmest place other than the air conditioned library, classrooms and Comp Centre, is my room.