Vantage point

Sunday, December 08, 2002


For all those doubting thomases who think Indian business is not strong enough to compete with Western products, read this.

It shows how a few peasants from a remote corner of India can make even the EU and USA to indulge in the economics of subsidies to sell their products (on an aside, the more I get convinced day by day that globalization is the path for India to travel on, the more I am convinced that WTO is not truly globalizing the world but just promoting Western interests).

I have always been fascinated by the great progress Amul has made and keeps making. According to me, it represents the Indian free market enterprise spirit.

As someone looking at marketing for a career, it fascinates me even more. I am gonna stick my neck out and say that Amul is my dream 'company'. That's where I wanna work when I pass out of IIM. I want to be a part of the big battle which leads to Nestle leaving India. And we don't need to George Fernandes to wield the boot.