Vantage point

Thursday, December 05, 2002


Remember my blogs around the time I was new to IIM. The first semester I mean. That was a semester when the insti was using a huge fire of assignments and projects to baptize us. As the Dean Dr. Chakraborty said at the address "People say that the twenty months you spend at IIM are ultra hectic. That is not true at all. Only the first month is ultra hectic. After that, you just get used to it.".

Well, in the last term when our first lecture used to be at 8:30 in the morning, and the aforementioned baptism process required us to work until as late as 4 or 5 a.m, sleep was at a premium. So it was standard practice to wake up at 8:15, brush your teeth while in the shower, and then run to class. Now any Fields Medal winner (or even a friendly neighbourhood Intl Maths Olympiad medal winner from NJ) will be able to testify to the fact that this leaves one only 15 minutes to go from bed to class. So what about breakfast, one wonders. Well, the standard practice was to sprint to the mess, pick up 2 slices of bread, shove an omelette or half-fry between them, and continue sprinting while injesting the resultant sandwich. It was always a sandwich...on the go, that provided the body enough nutrition to sustain itself till lunchtime 5 hours later.

Lately however, owing to being taught a lot of management related stuff, I have perhaps learnt to manage my time better. Now I am not left with just 15 minutes to get from B2C. Thanks to astute handling of the workload and the masterfully acquired will power to wake up well in time ( Well, I'll make this frank admission to the faithful blog readers - the assignments this term are a lot less and the first lecture is at 9:40 a.m.) for class, I don't have to rush anymore. I can enjoy a leisurely breakfast almost everyday.

However the first term has left me with a weird habit. Now I feel very awkward if I am walking from the mess to the class with just my books in hand. So even if there is a lot of time left before class starts, you would notice that I always eat my last sandwich (oh yes, there is enough time now to eat more than one) while walking to class. Yeah, now that I have time, I chew every bite 32 times as my mother used to tell me (why 32 I have always wondered) and generally observe nature's bounties as I walk to class.

So even now, it's always a sandwich, to go. We are but creatures of habit.