Vantage point

Saturday, December 07, 2002

This post is meant only for public that understands Marathi.

My pal Pushkar and I have been thinking of dubbing Sholay into marathi, and the dialogues we have thought up are hilarious. Read these -

- Tujha naav kaay ga Shevanti?

- Aamche her turungachya chahu dishanna pasarlele aahet

- He haath mala deun taak, Patil

- Shimga kevha aahe? Kevha aahe shimga? (for the uninitiated, shimga means holi)

- Jo ghabarla, to vaarla

- He Ramgarh budruk waley aaplya porinna kuthlya girnicha peeth khau ghaaltat rey Sambhaji?

- Saapala thechayla fakta paayach pure astaat, Gabbar

- Ekekala nivadun nivadun maaren, nivadun nivadun maaren....

I know, the dubbed version will be a big flop, but gave me great kicks to translate the lines.