Vantage point

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

We got our Marketing Management midterm marks yesterday. The checking was so brutal that the average was 12 out of 50. I got 15.5. The reason I mention this here is the conversation i had with a friend later.

Friend: How did you do?
Me: 15.5
Friend: That's quite good. I got bad marks, only 11.
Me: Well, if you see the papers of the toppers (around 22), you will see that the marks were given mainly for diagrams, graphs and underlining...and of course the jargon.
Friend: yes, the jargon. What obsession do Profs here have about jargon? As long as the meaning is conveyed, why is jargon so important?
Me: You are right, jargon is a pain. We should not lose marks because of jargon, in fact we should discourage jargon.
Friend: Yeah, almost everyone hates jargon.
Me: Hey, we should form a club of people against jargon. Everyone who is against jargon will join us.
Friend: Yeah, let's do that.
Me: (PJ-wave strikes me when I am not looking) And you know what we will call this club? (smiling like someone does when he is about to unleash a corny pun on humanity)
Friend: Anti-Jargon Club?
Me: No, we'll call it Jargon Mukti Morcha.

He started laughing, so did I. In fact all the people around us who heard it started laughing. Seems like Jargon Mukti Morcha is gonna be a big success. Want to join?