Vantage point

Friday, November 01, 2002

Today we had an extra class of Marketing Management about Product Differentiation in the afternoon. Everyone was present since rumour had it that the teacher would be taking a test/quiz today.

He ambled in at 2 p.m. sharp and without saying anything, wrote on the board - "How many of you would kill me if I said there would be no class today?". No one was feeling homicidal and people said "No Sir, we will love you if you say that", as they started gathering their stuff to leave.

Then he wrote on the board "Today there will be no class due to exigencies arising from the MDP lectures ( that's the program for corporates that the insti carries out)".

Before letting us go, he took attendance, and at the end of it noted, "This is the highest attendance so far. Were you people expecting a quiz?". A few people nodded.

"OK then" he said "I wouldn't want to disappoint you all. Take out a page and write a short notes on "Perceptual maps" in fifteen minutes".

Talk about "asking for it".