Vantage point

Friday, October 25, 2002

When you put some assignments off till the last moment, only to realise that two huge ones are due on the same day, there is nothing to do but bite the bullet and prepare for a night out. So that is what I did last night and today morning. Saw the sun rise, and heard the mynahs chirp (majorly overrated methinks). Worked on excel spreadsheets for 7 hours at a stretch and after that, wherever I looked, I could see rectangular cells in the background.

The funny thing is, when you are sleep deprived, your mind comes up with the profoundest(!!) of thoughts. Here are some nuggets (interpret that the way you want) that kept buzzing about in the bonnet.

- If procrastination is indeed the thief of time, I am sure to be arrested on the charges of grand larceny.

- Whoever designed the human body, while no doubt a genius, also had a depraved sense of humour. Why else do men never go bald in the beard area? And what is the big idea behind armpit hair?

- Our education system is all screwed up. Why else would they spend precious hours teaching us something like Dalton's atomic model, and then that Rutherford model, only to tell us afterwards "But all this has been proven wrong."

- Why the hell is the First World War called a World War at all? I mean, isn't that one of the biggest overestimations? Was it not fought only in Europe? I propose it be called the "European War".

- What do they call French Fries in France ?

- If somebody came up with a perfect power supply that went from Zero to Vcc without any transients at all, would that not be the stupidest invention of all time? Why? Because then how would an oscillator work??!!!

- I am sick of these Arabic countries preening so much just because of oil. Imagine if tomorrow we discovered a car that used water as fuel. That would be fun. Since all these countries are in deserts, the price of running a car would go up exponentially. Come, let's start researching water, I'll get a pail.

- Homosexuality is the limit of Narcissism

- If Bryan Adams meets a lesbian, will he sing to her "Have you ever really, really really ever loved a woman?"

- A million dollars to anyone who has ever encountered a guest/relative who sees you after a long time and says - " Hey, you have not grown up at all since we met last!! In fact, you have shrunk an inch!"

- What good is a tie? What purpose does it achieve? Do I dislike it because it is a symbol of the imperial west's stranglehold on our neck? Or is the reason much deeper? or is it because I simply can't tie a double knot and have to make do with a mediocre single knot?

As I read all this, I realise that I need about 40 winks. Make that 40,000.