Vantage point

Monday, October 21, 2002


As you all know, bugs and insects of various kinds infest my hostel. Today they were in heavy attendance in my room and there was a huge congregation around the tubelight. I am not a fan of these creatures and I immediately grabbed a magazine, climbed on the bed, and attacked the huge mass of insects on the wall.

The result was similar to what ensued when general Dyer ordered soldiers to fire on the gathering at Jalianwala Baug in Amritsar in 1919. Many died, leaving their marks on the wall. Some tried to escape through the window, but I caught them too.

Now, I am satisfied, for I have killed at least hundred of the little menaces, but my wall is a permanent testimony to this historic day in Bug Annals. We might have tourist bugs visiting the site to pay respects and my children or grandchildren may be called upon to apologise to the bug community for my actions.

Heehee, bottomline - my room is reasonably bug-free due to my assault.