Vantage point

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

I am no music expert, in fact I am as un-expertish as one can get. But as I sit to listening Kishore Kumar songs, I am reminded of the huge Mohammad Rafi vs Kishore Kumar debate that has raged in several living rooms and egroups over the past years.

I remember Ramanand telling me about a battle royale somewhere between Kishore fans, who called themseles the KKK (Kishore Kumar Klan methinks) and the Rafi fans who (very wittily I think) called themselves Raffians.

I know the opinion of a music-illiterate such as me would not count, but I prefer listening to Kishore Kumar. However, I am also of the opinion that this is largely due to the fact that he sang better songs than Rafi did, which is very different from saying that he sang songs better than Rafi did.

So my playlist currently has many KK songs, some upbeat, some melancholic, and the line I am listening to right now -

Chala Jaata Hoon, kisi ki dhun mein dhadakte dil ke taraney liye
Milan ki masti bhari raahon mein hazaro sapney suhane liye ho

(Off I go, in someone's thoughts, on the song of the beating heart
Carrying thousands of pleasant dreams on the paths where we will meet )