Vantage point

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

There is a seminar in our insti from tomorrow, and I've been selected to attend it. We had to go through a selection process for it. Had to write an essay on our favourite book. Since the seminar is about libertarian and objectivist ideas, everyone was writing about Ayn Rand's books. I wrote about "Animal Farm" by George Orwell which is a nice look at the pitfalls of communism.

The star attraction of the seminar will be S Anklesariya Aiyer, Consulting Editor for the Economic Times, and famous for his "Swaminomics" column in the Sunday Times of India. A little known fact is that he is the brother of Mani Shankar Aiyer, that idiot Congress leader, who has demonstrated his stupidity with exemplary fluency from time to time. Anklesariya however writes very well, and even the layman can understand his columns very well. It's almost as if Mani was adopted.

We have been given a lot of material to read for the seminar, so will have to make this post short.

It has started raining with a vengeance now, and the drought will probably tide over.

By the way, here's a quote I came up with today - "Rakhi is the subtlest and most sublime form of extortion". You thoughts ?