Vantage point

Sunday, August 11, 2002

Last night was the insti party. Was there till 3:30, and after that some of us decided to stay awake to watch the Lucknow sunrise. The sun rises here at 5:15, so we just walked around till then. We were in for a disappointment though as the sky was all cloudy, and we didn't actually see the sun.

I told this to Narendra, a classmate of mine, and he recounted a hilarious story which I share with you now, as he told me-

"I love watching the sunset in Bombay. When I was working in Bombay, I would leave my office in the evening, watch the sun set into the sea from Nariman Point, and then go home. It was like a part of my routine. When I went to Chennai to work, however, I rarely got time to do so. So one day I decided to watch the Chennai sunset. I took a friend and we headed to the beach late afternoon. We chatted about different things, as I waited for the sunset to happen. It started getting a bit dark, and I waited but no sign of the sunset. As we chatted some more, i couldn't understand why the sun wasn't even visible so late, and thought maybe there were clouds. Then as it got a bit more dark, something struck me and I looked back. The sky was looking orange like it does after a sunset. I had missed the sunset. The sun had set in the west, not on the east, where the sea was in Chennai."

Funny, right?