Vantage point

Saturday, August 03, 2002

I finished watching Vanilla Sky today. Well, actually 'finished' is a relative term. I have no idea if the movie ends where it did on the .dat file on the network. Everything about the movie was so bizarre, that any point could have been a starting point or ending point. The last scene I saw had Tom Cruise poised on the terrace of a tall building poised to jump after talking to the LE guy. This is where the file ended. Could someone who's seen the movie tell me if anything happens after that?

The movie itself was engrossing. A cross between "The Truman Show" and "A Beautiful Mind", it seemed to me. If the movie ended where I saw it ended, okay, I can make sense out of it. But if something more happens, I'd like to know.

Going for a night lecture about "Foreign Exchange Transactions" now. From one bizarre thing to another.