Vantage point

Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Didn't see the end of Humraaz by the way. Got too damn bored. After a point, Bobby started doing Michael Douglas and Amisha became Gwyneth Paltrow, and "A Perfect Murder" unfolded.

Caught up with my sleep backlog last night. Went to sleep at midnight, and woke up at 10, in the process missing two classes. They were the last 2 classes of that topic anyway, so did not matter much.

There was a business quiz last night. By quiz, I mean the real "teams, "quizmaster" and "10 points!!" type quiz, not those small tests we have in management school. Learnt an interesting bit of trivia. The Pakistani army, apparently manufactures and sells a brand of corn flakes in that country. What an army. They rule the country, take bribes, draft policy, budgets, head cricket boards, capture their own TV stations, train terrorists, and now, as if that was not enough, sell corn flakes!!!! No wonder we've beaten them in all the wars. Maybe if they focussed a bit more on the actual army part, they would not be such a confused entity today.

Any guesses what this brand of corn flakes is called?