Vantage point

Sunday, July 21, 2002

There is this friend I have.

She is a really remarkable person. She always seems to be happy and perky. Whoever she talks to, she brings smiles on their faces. She can bring humour into any situation. She is sensitive, but she is also strong. She has dreams, but also has nightmares. She has aspirations, but also thinks she has limitations. She is so zestily involved in whatever she does and wants, but also wants some form of detachment. She has a wild and fertile imagination, but also wants to stick to the rules and traditions.

She is so different. She is going to achieve more than she thinks she will, and make all her friends and family members proud.

Have you ever walked in the sun for hours, or played cricket in the sun for hours? And then, have you come back for a glass of chilled ice water?

That's the effect she can have.

I am not naming you, but you know who you are.

Shine on, you crazy diamond!!!