Vantage point

Friday, July 19, 2002

I have been telling you about what all we get in our mess at various instances. Today was something very different.

So there were hot dogs in the mess today. Some blokes kicked them around. The final idea was to get them out, but it took some time. Hot dogs arent the easiest to expunge from a mess. They protest and have this tendency................

Wait a minute. Is there confusion amongst the ranks? Has this blogger finally flipped his lid? Is he not making any sense at all? I know what you mean. There is scope for ambiguity here. You people may be confusing what I am mentioning for those meaty things called "frankfurters" that they sell on the streets of USA and the swanky restaurants of India.

Nope, here I mean "hot", as in those suffering from the high environmental temperature, and "dog" as in the animal of the canine variety.

Today's menu had tandoori chicken, and I suspect it was this motivation that brought them dogs poking their noses into our mess. So as we sat tearing the tandoori apart and eating it (tearing it is the real way to eat tandoori chicken. You should also use both hands. Only one hand, and that means you are a pseud. heehee), a few hot dogs, bothered by the weather and attracted by the chicken meandered in to check out the fare in our dining hall. I don't think they'll hold the IIML hospitality in high esteem as their arrival was not greeted with joy, but with marked disgust. One of the dishwashers kicked a dog (by dishwasher, i mean a fellow who washes the dishes, or rather pretends to wash the dishes fast enough, so that they can be used by the next batch of diners. I don't refer to the machine, which would also double up as a dog-kicker, as some may think.) Another grimy inhabitant of the kitchen, who obviously did not hold the motto "Dog is a man's best friend" close to his heart , actually removed his right shoe and chased a dog out with that. There was commotion, with the dogs making their views felt through intense howls. Maybe that was dog lingo for "##$$@^&&%^%^^. These two fellows thus, gallantly removed the dogs from the place where we have all our meals. The sight of these not-showering-twice-a-day, while still cleaner than the kitchen staff, did not serve to whet our appetite. A lot of the food ended up in the blue barrel, which I have referred to earlier, and the dinner ended hastily.

Let us hope we don't have more visitors from the animal kingdom in the near future.