Vantage point

Friday, August 02, 2002

Quizzes and projects have kept me occupied for the last two days. But now, I stand before you, a free man................. for the day only. Midterms start Monday, and we'll get to know where we all really stand. So I'll be hitting the books now. But before that, a peek into the IIML lingo.

Each institute or college has its own mini-lexicon, and ours is no different. One word has started appearing in our daily usage very often now. It is a word that has been handed down to us by our seniors and while initially, it may seem a familiar word, do go deep into the explanation.

globe: (noun, verb, adjective, adverb) unnecessary and hollow rubbish spoken, which really does not signify much. Something that sounds very meaningful, but in reality is as solid as the horse that invaded Troy. A lot of hot air. In hindi, bakwaas. To quote Wodehouse, "It sounds nice, but means nothing".


Adjective - That "Men in Black - 2" is one globe movie, man.

Verb - I had no idea what the advantages of the Maslow theory were so I just globed something.

Noun - I think the most important learning you get out of MBA is globe.

Adverb - I blogged globely on 2nd August 2002.

Heehee, on that note, let us embrace globalisation