Vantage point

Friday, August 02, 2002

Sometimes you see somethings that only you see, and they are so so funny. That just happened to me. As i was walking towards the cooler to get some water right now, a funny sight unfolded.

A guy wearing a loose and long kurta, was headed towards the gents toilet and a girl wearing a tight jeans was headed towards the ladies toilet. What made it funny was the silhouette-pictures on the doors of the toilets to indicate which is a girl's toilet and which is guy's.

The guy, with his kurta, resembled the silhouette on the girl's toilet door, and the girl with her jeans, resembled the guy's toilet door silhouette.

I find this very funny.

Maybe I need a "sense of humour" transplant. Willing to join me, Mads, maybe we could get a discount?