Vantage point

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Just got this idea from Sonal's blog.

Types a few verbs after my name and put it in google. The interesting results follow

"gaurav is"
Got 204 results.

1. Gaurav is all praise for the all-American crew
{ The only all-American crew I would be all praise for has to be made up of Alicia Silverstone alone.}

2. Gaurav is right!!!
{ so true!}

3. "Gaurav is the type of guy that will buy you a beer and leave his credit card at the bar for everyone."
{ Never tried that before.}

4. Gaurav is an active member in the comedy octet, The Other Guys.
{ Move over, Jerry Seinfeld.}

5. Gaurav is not taking a Pilot course this semester.
{ The reason is September 11 approaches!! Heehee, I am using a Pilot pen this semester though!}

6. Gaurav is a �Sangeet Visharad� in vocal Indian classical music.
{ You bet, I am. Actually, I am not. Bathroom singing is my revenge against the insects who infest it. }

7. Gaurav is one guy i can say anything to and he wont mind..he knows i just speak my mind
{ To quote fellow blogger Shailesh, "hmmmmmmmmm.."}

8. Gaurav is a bright, intelligent young man.
{Oh, pshaw!!}

9. Gaurav is adept in research and comes up with some little known facts about cricket.
{ Ask Ramanand.}

10. Nobody can be told who Gaurav is, you simply have to experience his blog for that.
{Google gave me this too!!!! So I clicked it and guess what? It from Suku's reply to the first message I had ever left on her blog.}

"gaurav wants"
I've always been a very wanting person. But got only 4 matches.

1. Gaurav wants to marry a rich woman and live in style all his life.
{ Someone does say Satyen and I are like Amar Prem from AAA}

2. Gaurav wants to be debating a tricky counterplan.
{ That does sound like fun}

3. Gaurav wants it badly.
{ No Comments!!}

4. I think what gaurav wants is OpenNMS!
{ That is so not what Gaurav wants!}