Vantage point

Monday, July 16, 2007

Sickest Point in Sicko

One thing I found really disgusting in the film was towards the end. Moore tells us that the guy running the biggest anti-Michael-Moore website was planning to shut it down. The reason was that his wife was sick and he needed the money he usually used for the website, for her medical expenses, since they weren't insured.

Moore then informs us that he sent an "anonymous cheque" worth USD 12,000 to the man for his wife's treatment and that enabled him to keep the site running.

Now that gesture by itself would have been very commendable. It would have shown a very Voltaire-ish fortitude. But by mentioning this in his film, he has cheapened the help. Anonymous donations don't remain anonymous any more after you have used them to make a point in your movie. Not only has Moore, intentionally or intentionally done something which seems to say "Look how generous I am. I donate money even to my enemies." He has also put the guy running the website on a spot. If he knew that the donation was coming from a man he hates, he might not have wanted to accept it. Especially if the man is going to use the fact to support an argument he is making. Needless to say, the guy is pissed off.