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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bizarreness with Wikipedia thrown in

The Benoit murder-suicide case is probably not big news in India. It is already as bizarre as can get. Chris Benoit, a pro-wrestler, apparently murdered his wife, then he murdered his 7-year-old son almost a day later. And then hung himself. Bizarre facts keep emerging. For instance, there were several needle marks on his son's arm. And an autopsy revealed the 7-year-old was killed using a choke-hold.

But the latest piece of news is as bizarre as it gets. And it involved wikipedia. Apparently, someone edited the Chris Benoit wiki to include the mention of his wife's death more than 12 hours before even the police found the dead bodies. The edit was made from Stamford, Connecticut which is also where the WWE is headquartered.

The WWE is already is serious hot water over this case, and the deaths of dozens of wrestlers over the past decade. Now if it is revealed that someone in the company knew of the deaths beforehand, but delayed informing the police, it could mean a world of trouble.

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