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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Better a Lesbian than a Shrikhand Hater

In response to my shrikhand posts (english, marathi), I got arguably the funniest feedback mail ever. Nidhee Kekre writes -

I am also a maharashtrian (and no not a drop of any other kind of blood) but i hate shrikhand with a passion. Shrikhand puri is a full meal as far as my parents as concerned...and at times i am sure it would any day be easier for them to think their daughter a lesbian than a shrikhand hater.
For so many years there has been this cold war with them looking at me disapprovingly when i put the vati (bowl) out of the plate. But the joke is my mom still puts the vati in my plate. I think in every satyanarayn puja she wishes that i start eating and keeps the vati for the miracle to happen.

I don't know but i think shrikhand haters is a strong community... as strong as dog lovers i guess.

Though the reaction to my shrikhand post has largely been "This guy doesn't like shrikhand, what's wrong with him?", it is heartening to see that there are like-minded Maharashtrians all over. Maybe we should start a support group.

Nidhee has requested that I also write about another Marathi favourite - puranpoli. Yes, I have a similar story about puranpolis. A story that involves a sadistic best friend who derived a lot of Brutusian enjoyment watching me eat a meal composed only of puranpolis.

But I shall let a few days pass before I launch a frontal attack on another rampart of the Maharashtrian culinary fort. Don't want the Shivsena taking offence to it and banging on my doors. I am not safe even in USA. As Shivsainik Abhijit Panse said - If that person is even sitting in America we will go and thrash that person. We want to catch hold of such culprits who do such things and thrash them.