Vantage point

Monday, June 25, 2007

The Safest Americans

From watching the TV news channels in this country over the past year, I have discovered that black women are safest of all Americans, while white women are at the greatest risk. White women keep getting raped, kidnapped, murdered so frequently. These incidents are covered by the conscientious and compassionate media. But I have hardly ever heard of black women suffering from something similar. The only black woman I heard of being raped was in the Duke lacrosse team case, and even she was a stripper who lied about getting raped.

It is surprising how safe black women are in this country. Obviously, law enforcement agencies are biased and take extra steps for protecting black women, while paying no attention to white women at all. This injustice must stop. We must demand that white women also enjoy the same level of safety that black women do.