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Monday, July 16, 2007

The Sicko Saga

The battle between Michael Moore and CNN is quite amusing. A bit bafflingly amusing too. You would expect Moore to lock horns with conservative outlets like Fox. Even on CNN, you would expect him to fight Glenn Beck. But instead he has been fighting tooth and nail with Sanjay Gupta, who is by no means a free market proponent. Gupta is a regular contributor to Democrat candidates and he does want health care reform. Not exactly Sean Hannity.

The funniest part about this fight is that Gupta is not even remotely arguing against the central premise of the film. He is just taking issue with the intellectually dishonest manner in which Moore makes his argument. As someone who is on the same ideological grounds as Moore, Gupta believes that such a wishy washy argument actually weakens the case. I can understand how he feels. That is how I feel whenever I hear someone else opposing caste-based reservations uses the stupid "merit" argument.

You can check out their arguments by just entering their names in google news. Here is a good summary of the arguments followed by updates and follow-ups from both sides.

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