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Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Media's Laziness or Convenient Ignorance?

Out of curiosity, I checked out the anachronistic edit to the Chris Benoit wikipedia page I mentioned in the previous post. Now as some might know, there is a record on wikipedia of all the edits made by a particular user or from a particular IP address. If you check the edit history of that particular IP address, you will notice that each and every previous edit was what is called in wiki terms as vandalism. And vandalism that is abusive, racist and sexist in nature. Unless it is a dynamic IP address, chances are it is the same person making all those edits, because they follow a pattern.

It is thus very likely that even this supposedly mysterious edit was a vandalism attempt and the fact that it mentioned the death of his wife was just a coincidence. It is also likely that this isn't the case. Who knows.

Whatever the reality, the fact is that anyone in the news channels or news websites could have done this very thing - checked the user logs and spoken about the vandalism history of the IP address. But no one apparently did. Is it laziness, or is it convenience of ignoring information that could possibly dilute the sensationalism of the edit revealation?

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