Vantage point

Friday, December 08, 2006

Big White Sheet of Paper

For days, I was waiting for it to snow. 26 years of snowless life was about all that I could take. The wait was agonizing. I even planned to post a Calvin & Hobbes strip about the agonizing wait for snow. Asked a few friends, they didn't have it. Finally got hold of a source, but before he could send it to me, it started snowing.

It's snowing, and I feel like a kid again. Catching the snow flakes, crushing them, eating them, rubbing them on my face. Picking up an armful of snow, making a snowball out of it, and looking for someone to bash it with. Building a tiny snowman. It was all fun. But what I loved the most was the blanket of white descending upon everything around me. What a breath-taking sight. Even the most mundane parking lot seems pristine when covered with a sheet of snow.

I know what you snow veterans are going to say. The novelty lasts only for a few days. Then you're sick of the snow, the inevitable slush, the slippery sidewalks, and you start a countdown to summer. Well, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. Until then let me post another Calvin and Hobbes strip which is now relevant(incidentally, the final C&H strip ever).