Vantage point

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I had written a long review of the play Filth which I watched last week. The play is based on Harry Gibson's(harry-gibson-henrik-ibsen-harry-gibson-henrik-ibsen-harry-gibson-henrik-ibsen-harry-gibson-henrik-ibsen-....sorry) adaptation of Irvine Welsh's book by the same name. Sadly the review got lost in the confusion of browser malfunctions and machine restarts.

Superb play. Brilliant performance by Rajiv Ravindranathan, who pulls off the intense one-man show by tapping into some huge reserves of energy. The show was oignant, hilarious, cynical... in other words, a lot like Welsh's big ticket 'Trainspotting'. Only this time it was about a debauch of a cop.

Do watch it if you get the opportunity. And if you write a review, remember to keep saying the document.