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Friday, December 09, 2005

Great Feedback

Romit Choudhury sent me the following mail in response to my posts on Che Guevara. Good stuff. Read it -

Romit Choudhury to me
Dec 8 (14 hours ago)


I regularly follow your blog.Few weeks back had the pleasure of glossing over your article about Che. Pretty nicely put through esp. the almost melodramatic way in which you arrived at the topic- pulling all ropes right from Bush's drawer to Osamas turban before zeroing on Che's beard !

Like zillions of wannabe souls, i have grown up adoring those poster boys of rebel(che lennon et all.)
However now tiptoe-ing at the verge of actual social work, the realization sinks in fast-its pretty romantic to possess "kool" rebellion T shirts with overgrwon hair and loads of pot-that does not alter the ground scenario-people in hunger don't need (urbane) attitude -they need food.

As a worthy yankee friend of mine told-
Most of the hippies returned to become middle aged bankers and pot bellied papas thanking Bush for saving America.

I believe in REFORM not in REVOLUTION. The first is a painstakingly slow process requring immense sacrifice on the behalf of the volunteers to enlighten the masses while the other is a surefire way to populism that more often than not fails to produce any long term impact-dissolving into petty anarchy-digressing midway only to defeat the purposes it set out to upheld.

My home state Bengal is an example of that bearing the brunt of Naxalite movement -which though well meaning-after four bloodbathed years had a blank scorecard on display.

We need Mother Teresas and Medha Patekars, Maheshweta Devis and Muhammad Yunus (founder-grameen bank) to achieve those humane ideals of equality and freedom.

So while forever admiring the genius of "Lennon - the musician" i have reservations about "Lennon - the mutinous".

Romit Choudhury

1) And tragic death is another shock that etches one in the public mind
"Once you are dead you are made for life !" - as MR Jimmy Hendrix told!
2) There is a brilliant novel by Tarashonkor Bondhopadhay called "Dhaatridebota" sketching the war between quickfire action and all round developement against the backdrop of the Freedom Struggle.I don't know whether there is an English translation,but it will be a worthy read for anyone interested in the subject.