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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Oil for food scam...old hat

Ever since the Volcker Report came out and the controversy over the Oil for Food scam erupted, I was plagued by an uneasy sense of deja vu. I kept thinking, this wasn't the first time I had heard of this scam. Congress Party as a beneficiary of the Saddam regime.... it had a familiar ring to it. Then a feeling crept in that I read about it back when I was at IIML. Then a more specific peripheral detail - I had mentally tagged the news as a possible GD topic for my final placements. Then when I met Shanti in Mumbai a few weeks back, the bell rang loud and clear. I had read it on Shanti's blog, some time in my last term at IIML.

I made a mental note to search the posts and blog about them. But kept forgeting. Have finally remembered to do do so online, since I just heard about the ruckus in the Lok Sabha over the issue.

Here are the two posts -

This is too good!

It was about oil

I am really baffled as to why no one from the Indian media caught on to this story in a big way at that time, almost 2 years ago. Maybe because Congress was not in power, and so the story didn't seem as "sexy"? When a party just sits in the opposition, there's only so much news mileage to be extracted out of embarassing it. No high profile resignations, no probes or anything.