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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

More on Manju

When I wrote a couple of posts about Manju, the story was in its infancy. Now everyone has woken up to it. Wheels are moving rapidly on all fronts -

a) On the personal front, IIML alumni have responded admirably. A fund is being set up to help out Manju's family. There are also plans to commemmorate Manju's life through a momument and/or an event in the IIML campus.
b) On the media front, the Indian Express has led the charge in this cause, giving it extensive coverage. All major TV news channels have also carried the story.
c) As far as the policy aspects or the on-the-ground impact is concerned, things are happening here too. The government has at last decided to have two different kerosene rates, tacitly admitting that the subsidy for kerosene has helped anti-social elements more than the poor. The plan, as drafted, doesn't seem like it will be effective, but at least its a start.

For more information I direct you to this fine blog - Remembering Manjunath (Machan to his friends...) which is the hub of all information pertaining to Manju's case.