Vantage point

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Lost Respect for Chappell

I have lost respect for Greg Chappell. Not because he showed a finger, but because of his shamefaced and cowardly denial of it.

I think Chappell was well within his rights to show the crowd a finger. After all he was being boo-ed and heckled. If booing and heckling is a valid form of expression, why isn't that gesture acceptable? I see nothing wrong with it.

I though Chappell was an in-your-face guy, someone who would have the courage to stand by his convictions. If, in a moment of emotion, he did give the crowd the finger, he could have owned up to it, and said there was nothing wrong with it. Or he could have just refused to comment on the issue.

But by issuing a denial, in the face of such obvious video proof, he has shown himself to be no different from many politicians and other celebrities in India who tie themselves up in knots, contradicting themselves.

Stand up for yourself, Greg. The crowd deserved a finger. It got what it deserved. Don't give us childish stories, which would make even Ganguly's most absurd excuses look genuine in comparison.

Update: Respect regained. Chappell admits he did it. Attaboy!