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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Date Seinfeld, Make it Big

Watching the latest episode of Seinfeld - The Implant, on Star World yesterday, I realised that the actress whose breasts are a subject of great enquiry during the entire episode, is none other than a much younger, and I daresay much hotter Teri Hatcher. Teri Hatcher nowadays is the top billed star in the latest hit TV show Desperate Housewives.

She was the latest addition to a list of actresses who dated Jerry on-screen and then went on to get big roles in hit TV shows themselves.

Off the top of my head I can recall the following -

-Courtney Cox, who played Monica in FRIENDS, dates Jerry in the episode "The Wife" where the two start acting like a married couple.
-Debra Messing, who plays Grace on Will and Grace, dates Jerry during the unforgettable 'Yada Yada Yada' episode, and towards the end of the episode, is revealed to be anti-semitic. Ironic, considering the fact that Grace is Jewish.
-Jane Leeves, who plays Daphne on Fraiser, is Jerry's girl in two more legendary episodes - The Virgin and The Bet.
-Lori Loughlin, who played Rebecca on Full House, dates Jerry in another landmark episode - Serenity Now. However she played this part after Full House wound up.
-Marcia Cross, another Desperate Housewife Bree, was Jerry's girl in The Slicer
-Amanda Peet, Jack from jack and Jill, has no made it to the movie. She dates Jerry in an episode too, but I don't remember which one.

So we see dating Jerry was a great career move. Dating George however does not seem as great. I can recall only one girl George dated becoming a key member of a sitcom. Christina Miller, who played Kate in the Drew Carey Show.