Vantage point

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Dare I...

.. speculate once again about the much awaited return-to-form of Sourav Ganguly even as he is at the crease? This blog has done so in the past, only to be popat-ed (a slang which is almost impossible to translate) by a prompt dismissal. Have been popat-ed on many other occasions as well when I have sms-ed Harish and Amit similar optimistic speculations.

Ganguly is on 22 right now, and a good Vaas delivery hit the middle of his bat and hurried to the cover fence a while back. Hope for a characteristically fluent century from him, and not a scratchy one like in Zimbabwe, through which he lowered the bar for himself so much that even this blog felt compelled to "withdraw support".

At the other end, Tendulkar is on a cautious-but-fluent 51. Promising session ahead.